Sales rep for rent,

Every call counts, every call is a new opportunity!

Do you have this experienced and hardworking cold call agent at your office? We have it! Sales rep for rent is the flexible solution for your business development.

Booking appointement

Your business trips are expensive, and you always have free time? You want to optimize your agenda and get the best out of your business trips?

Our expertise in cold call is at your disposal. Our solution will optimize your business trips and get a hold on all business opportunities in the market you’re travelling in.


How many cold calls your sales representative make per day? 10? 15? 20?

Our agents can offer you the proper volume of calls to maximize the number of meetings / leads we get for you with our telemarketing services. Our team specialized in sales allows you to perform large-scale projects. Our resources will solicit your customers by phone so you can meet and find your potential clients.

Trade shows representation

Do you have a good representative for your trade shows? Does your representative spend more time sitting than standing in your booth to speak to your potential customers?

Our dynamic salespeople are available to represent you in all areas of customer acquisition. Our experts are specialized and trained continuously to represent you at a trade show or at a networking event.

“Without heart we would just be machines”

Your customer relations center


Imagine a dedicated business development company where customer service is ubiquitous and personalized. A company having at heart the satisfaction of its customers and, prioritizing the quality and transparency. A company that wishes to participate in your success and to be the winning formula. Visualize a team specialized in sales and communication, supporting the demands of your customers.


Offering a personalized service and being totally transparent is an integral part of our values. Without a doubt, your customers will feel that they are in communication with a member of your staff.


Fitting your corporate structure in order to increase your results; there is our strength! With our flexibility, we project your ambitions to the next level while respecting your requirements.


We know you will certainly save time and money!
No contract or commitment on your part, we allow you to move forward in your activities with a free mind.


Our clients will testify the rigor of our work. We are committed to provide the service that meets your standards.

Trust the qualified staff of Sales rep for rent to increase your profitability!